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Noumenon really does mean “the thing in itself.” It comes from Immanuel Kant’s Prologomena to any Future Metaphysic, recommended reading for anyone seriously studying metaphysics. That means the entire New Age and human potential movement.

What Kant did with his path-breaking and almost impossible to read treatise––you think letters from your grandma are hard to read––is permanently remove the possibility of knowing anything as it is in itself. All we can know is the phenomenon, reality filtered through our senses. All reality is is a series of nerve impressions interpreted by our brains as: “Chair!” “Dog!” “My hubby.”

We never know if chair, dog, and daddy exist. We never reach them.

And, there’s no way of ever doing it! It’s IMPOSSIBLE.

Right there, that takes out the metaphysics as most people talk about it before reading your tarot cards.

This is obvious to anyone keeping up with science and biology, isn’t it? The brain science guys know it, the biology of the self dudes. That’s what they’re writing about. All we know are our brain’s interpretations of electrical impulses.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t have religious experience or believe in God or anything, it means that at an essential level, you can’t say that anything, big or small, really exists. You have to infer it from what your nerve impulses say.

Do you think this is radical? Yeah. People have been killed for less. “Whadya mean, you can’t say God exists? Kill him!”

But here’s the crazy guy, Will Duane, who wanted to be a philosophy major and got stuck having to get an MBA, naming his corporation after the Noumenon, which no one can touch or experience. Also, he spelled the name wrong, making it Numenon, because he was in a hurry when they were incorporating.

Does Numenon the book exist? Sure does. In about 400 pages of prime paper, Numenon is realer than your bathtub. You can get into Numenon and get lost. I made sure of that when I told Will Duane’s story. Get lost and stay lost until it’s over. And come out pickled and wanting more.

I’m going to do my best to see that you get lost again. The sequel to Numenon, Mogollon (Mow-go-yone), is on the way. And is it mad and bad! This is where it all comes down.

On Will and his friends.

Meet me with Numenon, renew the acquaintance with Mogollon.

Sandy Nathan

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